ITW Foundation

We see how difficult it is to correctly inhale medication on a day to day basis. Unfortunately, there are a lot of mistakes in the use of inhalers. The adjustment between the patient and the device is not always perfect.

The ITW foundation wants to contribute to the best possible use of an inhaler by a patient. We want to improve the knowledge about the optimal alignment between the patient and the inhaler to achieve the best possible balance between effectiveness, safety and costs.

ITW has the goal to increases the knowledge of the importance of administration forms and the correct inhalation technique among health care providers, insurers and the government.

ITW is an independent platform that strives for the ideal match between the individual lung patient, the molecules, the dosage and the form of administration based on scientific evidence. ITW is also involved in improving compliance and the practical implementation of inhaled medication.

The ITW Foundation is supported by an unrestricted educational grant of Teva.