Dr. Hans in ’t Veen

Lung specialist, Franciscus Gasthuis & Vlietland

“There is a lot wrong with the inhalation technique of patients”, says Hans in ’t Veen. “The small airways that are hard to reach in the lungs are an important aspect of the disease and must be treated with inhaled medication. This requires inhalers and a correct technique. But you also need to understand what is happening.” Hans in ‘t Veen is involved in the ITW Foundation to improve this. “A lot can go wrong: from not removing the cap to swallowing the inhalation capsule. Not only the inhalation technique itself, but also the background of the how and why; does the inhaler match the patient? The ITW Foundation provides insight into what type of inhaler should be use for whom.

The way in which inhalation instructions are given is also a core objective. “It is important to explain why something must be done in a specific way, what the reasoning behind it is. The colour of the message, how it is explained, determines how it comes across. You can give a great technical explanation, but the instructions might still be poor. You must connect to the knowledge and understanding of the patient. We always deliver custom work, as every patient is different.” The ITW Foundation wants to contribute to this with (continued) training of healthcare professionals and the dissemination of knowledge.