Prof. Wim van Aalderen

Chief of Child Lung Diseases at Emma Kinderziekenhuis AMC

Proper inhalation is essential to successful asthma treatment. Wim van Aalderen is committed to the ITW Foundation because errors in asthma treatment are often due to an incorrect inhalation technique, made even more complex by the involvement of children. “Especially for young children, you first must teach it to the parents, who then must do it together with the child.” It is a technically complicated operation. This is why it is important to look for the best possible combination of inhalation device and medication for each patient, each child.

The views on the disease and its treatment differ per healthcare professional and parents and children. “People often think treatment is only necessary if there are symptoms, and that the medication is not necessary the rest of the time. The ITW Foundation tries to approach the subject in a completely different manner. By studying the background, in which it is important to explain to healthcare professionals what a good match between inhaler, patient and medication actually is and how it can best be used. The foundation also tries to provide insight into the factors that affect therapy compliance.